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Top Ten Ways a Namibian Classroom is like a Tang Soo Do Dojang
according to Sera and Zac

  10.    The students wear uniforms (that don’t get washed often enough!).

9. The students have to sweep the room before class every day.

8. Everyone is always hungry, thirsty, and tired.

7. There is strict protocol for entering a classroom.

6. Students try to memorize everything right before the exam.

5. It’s hot!

4. The students live in fear of corporal punishment.

3. Students say, “Yes Sir” and “Yes Miss” whether they understand the instructions or not.

2. Everyone imitates the one person who actually knows what he/she is doing.

1. The medium of instruction is a language neither the teachers nor the students really know (and no one can understand the native speakers of that language).

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