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Cuca Shops & other Buildings

Namibia is famous for the creatively-named small shops and businesses in Ovamboland.

Club the System Cuca Shop our lucky bar sissy girls and boys shop
super cool bar FBI bar Saaraevo Bar
paradise pub hand and hand Mr. Hoi Hoi Bar
Try again center ples corner bar Honeymoon Pub
Charity given all normal bakery any time bar
happy life number 2 barbershop.jpg (29279 bytes) people choice building mateliol suppries
African Land Bar One Phone Shop club
hot stuff bar Limerick Inn
GoodHope.jpg (152459 bytes) publictelephone.jpg (156701 bytes) FarWell.jpg (152645 bytes)
PinkEvening.jpg (148331 bytes) CellShop.jpg (24369 bytes) Anands_School.jpg (156743 bytes)
naturalshop.jpg (150461 bytes) Ndengu.jpg (159658 bytes) OshaangoKing.jpg (156201 bytes)

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