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the Arcaro Rest Camp

These are photos of our government house at Ekulo Senior Secondary School.  Most volunteers stay with host families,  but we had our own house with 4 bedrooms, two toilets, two showers with hot water, six sinks, two doors, some screens, and plenty of electricity.  Hence, it was affectionately dubbed, "The Arcaro Rest Camp".

The Arcaro Rest Camp in Namibia OurHouse.jpg (155104 bytes) ARCevening.jpg (154578 bytes)
couch.jpg (151594 bytes) office.jpg (32095 bytes) diningroom.jpg (151398 bytes)
stove.jpg (156519 bytes) sink.jpg (143434 bytes)
master bedroom bedroom window view  hallway.jpg (20353 bytes)
HouseBegging.jpg (28575 bytes)
rainyday.jpg (34022 bytes)
PingPong.jpg (151387 bytes) ZacSleeps.jpg (37583 bytes)
front door
Zac and Eino cleaning the yard

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