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Road to Thailand

CAMBODIA: Road to Thailand
May 5, 2006

The bus ride to the border with Thailand qualified itself as a “bus ride from hell” and lest you envy our traveling while you sat in your comfortable office, let me elucidate: We were on a rickety minibus with a psychedelic pink interior and “natural air-conditioning” (windows open) going down a dusty, bumpy road for five hours.  It was so bumpy I couldn’t drink any water for fear of gouging out one of my eyes.  Imagine driving over railroad tracks with no shocks for five hours while sweating profusely and being covered in red dust and you’ll have the idea.  It was the sort of ride that was so bad, travelers brag about it in Bangkok: “I did the road from Siem Reap to the Thailand border.” 

To be fair, the first 30 minutes were on a poorly paved road, and that’s where I shot most of these pictures.  The local scenery was great and the “natural air conditioning” allowed me to take photos without having a dirty window obscuring the view.  And finally, we were acutely aware that the local transport, consisting of bikes and open trucks, was even worse than what we were on.


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