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Chalk and Chopsticks

Chalk and Chopsticks
Our experiences living and teaching in Dalian China for 13 months

Dalian City
Dalian City


Letters from China
March 2005
Ice Cubes
A Room with a View
Future English School
Chinese Slippers
Easter Sea Shells

April 2005
Deaf, Dumb & Illiterate
From A to B
Kindergarten Karaoke

May 2005
Dandong & Korea
Spring in Dalian
Doses of English

June 2005 Cherries
We Are All Yellow
Revenge of the Bean Paste

July 2005
Forbidden Speech

“I am the Police”
International Beer Festival

August 2005 Typhoon Matsa
A Tale of Two Cities
6 months down…7 to go

September 2005 A Room with a Kitchen
Moon Cakes

This is Dalian

October 2005 Beijing & the Great Wall
What’s in a name?

November 2005

The car is on the sidewalk

Stabbing Dumplings


December 2005 Winter Snow
Christmas in China (1)
Christmas in China (2)
New Year’s Eve
January 2006 Birthday Suit
China Rising

Enter the Dog

February 2006

Hong Kong

Let there be light…

Fish Fillet Factory Fun

The bus to Shangri-La

March 2006 The End

Final Exam

Future English School
Dalian Future English School Aston

Our Neighborhood
chinese neighborhood

Our 1st Apartment

Dalian’s Coastal Areas
Dalian Coast

Labor Park
Dalian Labor Park

Friends & Food
Chinese Food and Friends

Xinghai Square
Xinghai Square Dalian

Da Hei Shan Mountain
view from top of Da Heshang Mountain

Our 2nd Apartment

Dalian Snow
winter in Dalian china

Dalian Forest Zoo
Red Panda at Dalian Forest Zoo

Chinese Cuisine

Random People
Chinese People


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