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CHINA: Dandong
May 2005

 We arrived in Dandong around noon on a Saturday.  The area had a population of 2.4 million, and the city seemed smaller than Dalian.  It had a lot more bicycles and trees lining the streets though.  A giant statue of  Chairman Mao Zedong towered over the square in the center of town.

     The “Yalu River Broken Bridge”  went only half way across the river.  We paid 15 yuan to walk on it.  The bridge, constructed in 1909 by the Japanese during their occupation, was “broken” because the U.S. bombed it during the Korean war in 1950 to impede China’s support of North Korea.  At the end of the bridge, we could see some twisted metal, but most of the damage had been removed.

We went to  “The Museum to Commemorate US Aggression.”  In Chinese, the Korean war is known as “The war of resistance against America and in support of Korea.” 

Views of North Korea
These photos were taken from Dandong, China across the Yalu River (May 2005)

We went to the Yalu river again where we could see North Korea.  The river was not very wide, and narrowed considerably upstream.   We took a speed boat ride nearly to the banks of North Korea.  We couldn’t see much, since many boats lined the shore.  But we waved and smiled to some North Koreans.  They all wore plain clothes with no color. 


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