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China: Shanghai
March 31-April 2, 2006

We spent just two days in Shanghai, where we rode a magnetic levitation train from the airport to the city. It reached a speed of 430 km per hour and only took 8 minutes.  Later we went to the top of the 5th tallest building in the world (Jin Mao Tower) for a view over Shanghai.  We walked on the Bund along the river, and got harassed by a persistent postcard seller and every beggar.  We also visited the Shanghai Museum and walked along the famous Nanjing road.

the bund

Shanghai maglev

inside the maglev

view across the river towards Pudong

Nanjing road

the pedestrian mall on Nanjing road

buildings on the bund

Peace Hotel

a typical Shanghai street

tourist shopping street

One of the highlights of Shanghai was going up in the Jin Mao tower to the 88th floor.  The building is the tallest in Shanghai and and the 5th tallest in the world at 1,380 feet. 

Zac and Jin Mao tower

The Hyatt atrium in Jin Mao building

a model of Jin Mao tower inside the tower

a view out from Jin Mao tower

a view of Shanghai and the Huangpu river from Jin Mao tower

view of the Oriental Pearl TV tower from Jin Mao Tower

The Shanghai museum

outside the Shanghai museum

Oriental Pearl TV tower

the bund at night

Pudong lit up at night

the bund at night


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