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Cheung Chau Island

HONG KONG: Cheung Chau Island
February 2, 2006


Thursday was our last day in Hong Kong.  For breakfast we dined on chocolate milk and donuts then took a ferry to Cheung Chau Island.  It’s a small dumbbell-shaped island that also has no cars, so most of the population is crowded into the isthmus near the harbor.  We arrived early in the morning and observed the locals opening their shops and breakfasting on dumplings.  The harbor was full of colorful Chinese junks and the promenade was lined with flowering Bauhinia trees.  We walked to a temple, then a beach, then visited a stone carving from the bronze age, then saw another temple, then another temple, and finally wandered into a used bookshop run by an old Canadian who had lived on the island for 21 years.  He was quite talkative, and we wished to hang around and hear his stories, but alas, we had to make the 12:15 ferry back to Hong Kong to begin our trip back to Dalian.  We weren’t ready to leave, as it seemed like there was still so much to see and do in Hong Kong.
Tung Wan Beach, Cheung Chau Island
Kwan Kung Pavilion, Cheung Chau Island

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