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Lamma Island

HONG KONG: Lamma Island
February 1, 2006


On Wednesday, we took a ferry to Lamma Island, the third largest island.  There are no cars on Lamma Island, so the island is covered in paved footpaths connecting the houses and shops.  It was a warm and beautiful day and after about five minutes of traipsing along the sidewalks bordered by banana trees, I decided I wanted to live on this island.  (Surely they needed English  teachers, too.)  After a while, we veered off the main track and followed a little path to a deserted beach.  We lazed about and enjoyed the unspoiled scenery and sunshine.  We eventually reached a village on the other side of the island, where after some confusion, we managed to board a ferry back to Hong Kong Island.
Lo So Shing Beach, Lamma Island

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