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Lantau Island

HONG KONG: Lantau Island
January 30, 2006


On Monday morning, we took a ferry to Lantau Island.  It is the largest of the islands, nearly twice the size of Hong Kong Island, although its population is a mere 45,000.  At Mui Wo, the sleepy southern side of the island where our ferry arrived, we wouldn’t have guessed the island was home to Hong Kong Disneyland and one of the busiest international airports in the world.  Our destination on this island was Ngong Ping, home of the world’s largest seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue.  The Tian Tan Buddha is 100 feet tall and towers serenely over the Po Lin monastery.  We climbed the 260 steps up to the Buddha and confirmed that it was definitely big.  After circling the Buddha a few times and wandering around the monastery, we took the metro back to Hong Kong Island.
giant buddha, Lantau Island

The largest outdoor, seated, bronze Buddha in the world

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