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Laos: Vientiene
May 15-16, 2006

We rode to Vientiene on a “chicken & vegetable bus” (the local bus) that left at 5:50 a.m.

Sera sat next to a chicken

picking up more vegetables

interior of the bus

unloading the bus at the market

local market in Vientiene

selling traditional medicine

Vientiene is the laid-back capital of Laos.  For a capital city, it was actually surprisingly crappy yet quaint.  We spent only one night there, in a cave-like room with a flimsy wall, no windows and a door that could be opened with a credit card.  

Zac sips watermelon juice with views of Thailand in the background

basket seller

children take a break from selling to play

The Arc de Triomphe (aka Patuxay or Victory Gate)  was built out of concrete donated by the U.S. for an airport.  It was one of the few major landmarks in Vientiene.


Arc De Triomphe

Victory Gate ceiling

view from Victory Gate
Pha That Luang is the famous golden stupa in Vientiene.  It is the symbol of Buddhism in Laos.
Pha That Luang
Pha That Luang

a monk rides in a sawngthaew

Unknown Soldiers Memorial

National Assembly

a sawngthaew driver naps

Zac demonstrates how easy it would be to fall into the sewer


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