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Cameron Highlands

Malaysia: Tana Ratah, Cameron Highlands
May 24 -26, 2006

Because the Cameron Highlands were at a higher altitude, the weather was really cool and the fresh air was invigorating. We went “jungle trekking” and it was really beautiful. The jungle was dense and dark and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We only saw four other tourists during the hike, two of which had been bicycling around the world for the past 4 years.  A lot of the literature warns that these hikes are dangerous, but the terrain was not very steep and the paths were well marked. This was one of our favorite places in Malaysia and I highly recommend it.

view of the highlands

beginning of the “jungle walk”

Robinson waterfall

tree love

camouflaged moth

Our hostel was a converted army barracks.  It wasn’t very appealing from the outside, but inside it was quite cozy and comfortable.

KLG?  Looks kinda like KFC doesn’t it?

This bucket of chicken reminds me of something….

The buses in Malaysia were luxurious, with extra wide seats. They were rarely crowded.  We were the only two people on the bus from Tanah Ratah to Pangkor Island.


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