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Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
May 28 – 30, 2006

After our relaxing time at Pangkor, we headed for the city again: Kuala Lumpur. We had simple goals for the first day: go to a museum, take photos of the national mosque and national monument. But we soon discovered that KL is not a pedestrian city. We could always see where we were trying to go, but getting there was nearly impossible because of highways, railroad tracks, etc, and this was right in the middle of the city!

This is the train station. Sort of.  It was very confusing.

We could see the National Mosque, but getting there on foot was a different matter.

women gather at the National Mosque

Inside the national museum

We kept seeing this building which confirmed we were going in circles.

The national monument.

On the second day, we had only one goal: go see the Petronas Towers and walk on the sky bridge. It was a beautiful day, and we took the metro downtown (to connect from one line to another we had to walk across a busy divided thoroughfare–who planned this city?). We got great photos of the twin towers and were quite pleased with our good luck at having blue skies for our background. Then we headed inside to get tickets to go up to the sky bridge. But, we were thwarted. They have a limited number of tickets (we found out later) and all were gone. So, no sky bridge for us. Time to go back to the beach.

For a cheap bed in Kuala Lumpur, you have to suffer a little.

Even in the capital city, we still dined on the economical chicken rice.


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