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Trip Summary

Malaysia: Melaka
June 8 – 12, 2006

The last stop of our multi-nation journey was Melaka, back in Malaysia (after our brief trip to Singapore).  It was a nice, normal town–a good place to end up. It encapsulated Malaysia because it was so diverse–it has Malay, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch roots.

Porta de Santiago, the ruins of the old Portuguese fort

St. Paul’s Church

outside St. Paul’s Church

Christ’s church

The fountain in front of Stadthuys, the old town hall and governors residence

Kampung Kling Mosque

The first day we went to the local history museum and the maritime museum (where, it should be noted, we had to take off our shoes to go in). Then, and this was the highlight of the day, we watched the new X-Men movie at the mall.

the kite museum

a decorated

part of the maritime museum is designed like a ship

We had to take off our shoes to go inside!

Chicken Rice Ball restaurant

and here are the chicken rice balls

“ABC ice-cream”  turned out to have kidney beans and corn in it

luckily there was a custard shop


the leaning church of Melaka

The next day we took a bus out to the crocodile farm and the zoo. The zoo was really cool. It was a bit run down, but the animals were all really active for zoo animals, so they seemed happy. There was one part where we could go into a fenced enclosure, that was filled with parrots, iguanas, bats, ducks, fish, etc. It was so cool to not be separated from the animals.

Melaka zoo entrance

notice Sera is inside the cage with the bats

Zac and the lizard are on the same side of the fence…cool!

a Malay family poses with the orangutans

our last guest house

our last room

we sadly said farewell to our breakfast biscuits, which dutifully sustained us throughout Malaysia
We fly out of Kuala Lumpur tomorrow (Monday) and we’ll arrive home on Tuesday evening. It’s hard to believe our trip is finally over, and I’m totally freaking out about returning to the USA. But it’s been fun and it’s been hard and we’ve seen a lot and I’m ready to come home now. The first thing I want to eat is a salad. The restaurants here in Malaysia aren’t too keen on vegetables, but when we were at the zoo today, I was looking at some of the vegetables they had given to the animals and they looked really good. So it’s pretty bad when you reach the point where you envy the food the zoo animals are eating. Time to come home.


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