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Pangkor Island

Malaysia: Pangkor Island
May 26 – 28, 2006

On Pangkor Island, the town was really small and the people were mostly Muslim. I was afraid to go swimming in just my bathing suit because all the other women were walking into the ocean with all of their clothes on. I felt exposed just wearing shorts. The beach was nice with great sunsets and few other westerners.

The reason I keep mentioning the lack of other western tourists is because that was the main reason we hated Thailand.  There were just way too many westerners there, so you felt like you were in Australia or Europe, but not Asia.  The profusion of foreigners seems to have jaded the Thais.  We got the feeling that they viewed us as giant walking money bags, and that any friendliness on their part was only a bid to get their share.  

But in Malaysia, there are few western tourists, probably because the beer is expensive and the skin trade is nearly nonexistent.  Its nice to be treated like a normal person again. 

family vehicle

pink taxis cruised the island

a typical house on the island


local fishing boats

afternoon cat nap

Our bungalow.

This restaurant had the best affordable food in all of Malaysia.  Eat here.


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