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Trip Summary

Arcaro’s Index
 a numerical summary of our trip from Shanghai to Singapore
March 31 – June 12, 2006


Dalian Airport, March 31


Columbus Airport, June 13

Number of days spent traveling from the time we left Dalian until we arrived in Columbus: 75.

Number of countries visited: 7.

Number of cities visited: 34.

Average amount of money, in US$, spent per day of travel: 45.

Cost, in dollars, per night for the most expensive room of the whole trip: 23.

Cost, in dollars, per night for the cheapest room of the whole trip: 4.

Number of rooms we stayed in and saw a mouse: 2.

Number of nights spent on a boat: 5.

Number of nights spent on a bus: 5.

Number of nights spent on a train: 4.

Maximum number of hours spent on one train: 25.

Number of times we were millionaires after changing our US$ into the local currency: 2.

Number of times we got robbed: 0.

Number of different currencies used to pay for one meal in Laos: 3.

Number of times the wrong change was given to us: 3.

Number of pairs of pants we’ve each been wearing for the last 75 days: 3.

Number of backpacks we carried for the whole trip: 2.

Number of different buses we traveled on: 52.

Number of different taxis we traveled in: 28.

Number of different boats we traveled on: 26.

Number of rides on a metro/subway: 9.

Number of different trains we traveled on: 5.

Number of times we rented bikes: 5.

Number of times we rode a magnetic levitation train: 1.

Top speed of the Shanghai maglev: 267 mph.

Number of museums we visited: 10.

Number of beaches we visited: 5.

Cost, in cents, for a 1.5 liter bottle of water in Malaysia: 56.

Cost, in cents, to use a public bathroom in Malaysia: 6.

Time spent traveling from our last guesthouse in Asia until we reached home: 43 hours 20 minutes.


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