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Ko Tao Island

Thailand: Ko Tao Island
May 18-19, 2006

We took an overnight ferry to get to Ko Tao island.  We arrived at the absurd hour of 5 a.m. and had to wait in the rain until a restaurant opened for breakfast around 6:30. After breakfast, we found a beautiful room facing the sea to stay in.  The island was nice but not spectacular. 

The main problem was that tourists outnumbered locals by at least 5 to 1– not our idea of a foreign country!  Most of the tourists were giant, blond, pierced,  tattooed divers.  We didn’t fit in.  I guess Thailand is so popular because it is so easy to travel there, the people are nice enough, and you never have to leave your comfort zone.  But we didn’t like being in such an isolated tourist bubble–especially not with this species of tourist.

overnight ferry to Ko Tao

our bungalow

Sera sits on the porch


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