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2 poems

2 poems
August 2003

Created by combining phrases and sentences lifted from my grade 11’s “continuous writing.”
arranged by Sera

 He is no more going to be what he wanted to do. 
He has changed from free will to fate.
Maybe he ran out of his mind.
But he wrote on his cell phone with big letters saying
and that was the foreshadowing to those who have seen it.

The whole world has been destroyed in a nuclear war
Behold, people are dead like flies.
You know that we suppose to die but God permit it not
(They use bread and wine to delete the sin.)


“What is life??” 
Everyone will be confused
if you end up asking each other like that.

Me, as I am a human being, I know what life is!
Life is something which is very scarce
Because we cannot get it for the second time.
If you let a minute past, it will not be back for you.

Let’s leave this thinking
of how long or short a life is
and work our works
serious as we can.

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