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Haikus for Namibia 01 November 2004

Haikus for Namibia
1 November 2004

by Sera Arcaro

a map on the wall
the spider crosses the world
in just three seconds


cows eating plastic
small shirtless boys walking by
they will eat the cows


the rains came heavy
newly hatched insects emerged
chickens are happy


I am teaching class
the weather is too hot now
they are not learning


the squashed freak spider
is a brown mess on the floor
the ants have a feast


goes out when the wind blows strong
leaving us the stars


all night, the ants work 
carrying away dead bugs
that died in the light


the taxi is full
we reach our destination
the car is empty


the goats in the road
know the honking is for them
but they do not care


I wonder about
my stolen dictionaries
are they being used?


we planted trees here
they are small–we’re leaving soon
who will watch them grow?


life without chickens
will be boring and quiet
the sand will be smooth


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