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Shameless Begging

Half as Naïve 
6 June 2003

 So school started. And it really wasn’t that bad. It started for the teachers on Monday, and on Tuesday the learners were in their uniforms and almost ready to start classes. By Wednesday things began in earnest and, despite my dread, I soon remembered that I do actually enjoyNelson1.jpg (149722 bytes) teaching. Plus, the learners were sobered by their exam scores, refreshed from the holiday, and happy to be in school instead of working in the field or pounding mahangu. I am entering this trimester at least half as naïve as last time, so I feel that while they are ready to be better students, I am also prepared to be a better teacher for them.

 Zac and I have a few projects we’re also going to be working on this trimester. The main one is that Zac’s dad is going to be bringing some of his university students here in January to make a documentary about HIV/AIDS in rural Namibia, and he’s coming in July to start laying the groundwork. So that means we’ve got to start laying some groundwork…. In relation to this project, I am also hoping to start an HIV/AIDS peer-education club at the school, but I need to work with a counterpart in order to ensure sustainability, so I’ve got to get a feel for what the other teachers think about it first. It’s a tricky issue around here. And finally, our most exciting project is Zac’s idea of starting a movie club here at Ekulo in order to improve the kids’ English as well as awareness of worldly things (and have a little fun while we’re at it). The learners are pretty excited about it and we’ve gotten the go-ahead from the principal, so all we need now are some movies!

  Love always, Sera and Zac

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