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Final Thoughts in Namibia

Final Thoughts in Namibia
23-24 December 2003

23 December, Windhoek

In a poetic, literary sort of way, my Peace Corps service started and is ending with a shoulder dislocation. On October 23, 2002 I tripped down the stairs in the DC hotel and dislocated my shoulder on the first day of pre-departure training. That was the foreshadowing.

A year later, on Halloween I dislocated my shoulder again at a Palaver Club meeting at my school when I turned off a light switch in my storeroom. That was the anti-climatic climax, I guess.

And now it’s the aftermath. After a week in Windhoek with a stiff and painful shoulder and a very caring husband, the powers that be have finally decided what to do with me. I am being “medically evacuated” to DC for surgery. So on Christmas Eve I will be on a plane headed for Frankfurt, Germany. Christmas day I will arrive in America, a gift from Namibia (a little broken, not a very nice wrapping job). Christmas night I will be in a hotel in DC. The next day I am scheduled for surgery.

And what is my reaction to this tale of woe? I am indescribably sad to leave Namibia. But at the same time, my shoulder really hurts and I just want to get this over with.

How does Zac feel? “It will be very difficult to see Sera go, but it’s been difficult seeing her in so much pain. So I’m glad that she is finally being treated fairly by the Peace Corps and will get the surgery done expediently.” After lengthy discussions, we’ve both decided that it’s best for him to stay here in Namibia, for the time being.

And what will the conclusion be? Clara says there’s no way the Peace Corps will let me come back. I still have the non-disclosure against me, I have another shoulder that could still pop out. But I believe that one way or another things will work out. They always do, in stories.

24 December, Windhoek

My plane leaves in about 7 hours. My final hours in Namibia, and what can I say? Not much. I’m dreading the long flights, but other than that, I feel ok about going back. Zac talked to our principal today and the principal said he wouldn’t be able to get another English teacher so he would get the government to hire me as a teacher, if all else fails. When else in my life will I be so needed, so vital? Probably never. So it leaves me with a good feeling, but also a feeling of guilt for abandoning. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to come back, one way or another, so now I just need to focus on getting my arm working properly again. I’m scheduled for surgery sometime on Friday the 26th, and I look forward to having my shoulder start getting better every day, instead of worse.

I told Zac he has to write the e-mails now that I won’t be here, so hopefully you’ll continue to hear from him. I think he’s going to Cape Town, South Africa with some other volunteers for about a week after Christmas, so I’m sure he’ll have some adventures to write about.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

Love always, sera

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