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Baby Chickens

Baby Chickens
28 November 2003


Not too much is happening over here in our little corner of Namibia. Sera got back up here just in time to be buried up to her chin in exam papers to grade. I, on the other hand, have had an easier than normal exam time because my twelfth graders final exams are the official ones and are marked externally. So, while Sera marks her tests and favors her shoulder, I am doing the cooking and reading a lot. And speaking of cooking I hope everyone had a successful Thanksgiving. We didn’t worry too much/at all about doing anything traditional so I made meatloaf, some broccoli, and a batch of brownies. We are going to another volunteer’s place tomorrow for a little Thanksgiving party, so we might yet get to have some turkey.

We haven’t heard anything from the Peace Corps about a response to Sera’s grievous offences against the federal government. I feel that the “non-disclosure” case they have against her is exceedingly weak and will not ever result in anything. Also, as far as we know the recommendation from the orthopedic doctor here in Namibia has been accepted in DC and Sera won’t have to fly to the US for more tests and/or surgery. But we don’t really know what will happen with any of this and, meanwhile, having the ax over our heads is quite annoying in a depressing sort of way.

Enough boring stuff though, time for something truly exciting: We are the proud caretakers of five freshly hatched baby chickens. They are cute ‘like nothing’ and really do make a nice little peeping noise. Our chicken sat on her seven eggs for about 21 days and all but two of the eggs turned into chickens over Sunday and Monday last week. And they are multiracial to boot: the hen has white feathers and four of the babies have black fuzz and one has yellow fuzz. We feed them some chicken food that we got at the store but the whole family spends most of the day looking for grub in the yard. Attached is a picture of the hen and her chicks. The photo isn’t too good but you have to remember that our chicken is terrified of the camera and runs away if we get too close with it.

With Love from the Southern Hemisphere,

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