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Oshakati & Ondangwa

The nearest of northern Namibia’s twin cities, Ondangwa, was 80km from our house.  We hitchhiked there nearly every weekend to buy groceries, check our PO box, and visit with other volunteers who also came into town.

“The Owambo capital, Oshakati, may be a friendly, bustling hive of activity, but the uninspiring commercial center is little more than a strip of characterless development along the highway.  The town’s desultory nature is partially due to the fact that both it and Ondangwa served as South African Defense Force bases during the liberations struggles from 1966-1989, and were subjected to mortar and missile attacks.  While Oshakati lacks specific attractions, it’s worth an hour or two wandering around the large covered market, which produces a range of mostly unpleasant smells.  Ondangwa, the Ovambo country’s second-largest town, is a booming commercial center known for its huge warehouses, which supply northern Namibia’s more than 6,000 cuca shops (small bush shops selling mainly beer).” –Lonely Planet Namibia

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Our homage to Shoprite in Ondangwa
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