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Namib-naukluft park
Sossusvlei, Elim’s dune, Sesriem canyon, Dead Vlei, namib Desert

May 2004

“Sossusvlei, a large ephemeral pan, is set amid red sand dunes which tower up to 200m above the valley floor and more than 300m over the underlying strata.  It is part of a 300km-long and 150km-wide sand sea that covers over 32,000 sq km of western Namibia and contains the world’s highest, oldest and arguably most picturesque dunes.  This sand probably originated in the Kalahari between three and five millions years ago.  It was washed down the Orange River and out to sea, where it was swept northwards with the Benguela Current to be deposited along the coast.” –Lonely Planet Namibia

sand dune Sossusvlei sand dune
Sossusvlei sand dune
sand dune
dead vlei dead vlei
Sossusvlei dead vlei
Sossusvlei dead vlei dead vlei
Tour_group.jpg (39560 bytes) dead vlei

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