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Travels in Peru July

Travels in Peru July-August 2009 Lima Cusco & Sacred Valley Machu Picchu Puno & Lake Titicaca Arequipa Pisco   Callao (Lima)      Epilogue   PROLOGUE We originally intended to go to Turkey, since we hadn’t yet been to that part of the world.  Airfare turned out to be quite expensive, so I looked to South …

Latin American Travel Photos

Latin American Travels Panama and Costa Rica July 2007 Peru July-August 2009  


back to Extras | back to Arcaro Rest Camp ARCARO REST CAMP MENU Chicken/Fish Chicken Curry Chicken Hunter Style Barbecue Chicken Baked Chicken Polynesian Chicken Chicken & Dumplings Chicken Pot Pie Baked Hake Fried Fish Tuna Noodle Casserole Beef Sloppy Joes Chili Meat Loaf 7 layer Potatoes Company Potatoes Scalloped Potatoes Indian Potatoes Thyme Roasted …

Trip Summary

Arcaro’s Index  a numerical summary of our trip from Shanghai to Singapore March 31 – June 12, 2006 Before Dalian Airport, March 31 After Columbus Airport, June 13 Number of days spent traveling from the time we left Dalian until we arrived in Columbus: 75. Number of countries visited: 7. Number of cities visited: 34. …

Jungle Train

Malaysia: Jungle Train From HELL! Kota Baru to Jeruntut–don’t do it! June 2, 2006 After Cherating, we did a really stupid thing. Our guidebook, (remember the temple filled with vipers?) had also recommended the “jungle railway.” Let me quote, because this little blurb caused us 10 hours of needless suffering:  “This line traverses Peninsular Malaysia’s …


ARTICLE FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES April 2005 In Japan’s New Texts, Lessons in Rising Nationalism By NORIMITSU ONISHI Published: April 17, 2005 in THE NEW YORK TIMES TOKYO — In a region where history remains unresolved, the fight over the past is often a fight over the future. Seldom does it crystallize as perfectly …


BEIJING: Underground City October 2005 Through a little doorway in a hutong, there lies an entrance to Beijing’s Underground City. The project was started in 1969 and took ten years to build.  In reality, it is not a city but a series of damp tunnels constructed under Mao’s orders, to serve as a shelter should …


China: Shanghai March 31-April 2, 2006 We spent just two days in Shanghai, where we rode a magnetic levitation train from the airport to the city. It reached a speed of 430 km per hour and only took 8 minutes.  Later we went to the top of the 5th tallest building in the world (Jin …


BEIJING: city sights October 2005 On our last day in Beijing, we rented bikes to see the city from the point of view of the average bicycling Beijinger.  We rode around the city for nearly five hours and it was glorious.  It had rained the previous day, liquefying the smog, so Friday was a clear …


BUDDHIST SHRINE November 2005      

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